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Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Do Aborted Babies Look Like? A Gruesome Gallery of Abortion Images, Photos, Pictures & Illustrations

Tiny Baby Arms, Hands and Fingers

What do aborted babies look like?

100 Abortion Pictures

Types of Abortion: Surgical, Chemical, Saline, Hysterotomy

Click Here to See What Abortion Looks Like

Galleries of Images of Aborted Children

WARNING! Horrific images in these photos of aborted babies

Gallery 1: Chronological Photo Index of first trimester aborted babies

Gallery 2: Photographs of late-term abortions

Gallery 3: Photographs of aborted babies at various stages, retrieved from dumpsters

Gallery 4: Photographs of children killed by salt-poisoning abortion

The Story and Photo of Baby Malachi

Medical Illustrations of Abortion Procedures

Suction Curettage Abortion: Description and Diagrams

D&E (Dilatation and Evacuation) Abortion: Description and Diagrams

Partial-birth Abortion Diagrams

Photos of some of the tools used in abortion

Below are links to the same images as in Galleries One and Two above, but without the thumbnail index and browsing window features.

WARNING! Horrific images in these photos of aborted babies

Images of Aborted Babies - Archive 1

Images of Aborted Babies - Archive 2

Images of Aborted Babies - Archive 3

Abortion TV - The Internet's #1 abortion information source. - Includes everything schools, government, and abortion clinics are afraid to tell or show you - Warning - you must be at least 12 years old to visit this website!

Partial Birth Abortion - Facts, Q&As, Animated Illustration - more

This is what God's Child Looks Like Before the Baby Butchers Begin Their Deadly Business

Baby Rowan - Florida Baby is Born Alive after Late-Term Abortion

Baby Rowan - aborted, but born alive, then left to die

Abortion Pictures of Real-Life Abortions in Progress

Video Evidence - This is Abortion

Human Fetus Collection:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is this happening in America? What is our country allowing to happen in the name of "Choice" ? Liberalism is destroying our country. May God heal our land.

Fri Jul 24, 07:26:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these people who posted these photos need to do their research. The baby girl that was 4 1/2 months, would never have looked like that at 21 weeks gestation. These are pictures of PREMATURE babies who have died due to the fact that they are born too soon. It makes me sick that people post this shock in aw type crap when in reality, these are stolen photos of someones precious baby who has died. think about that for a moment then research on a MEDICAL BASIS rather then emotional basis.

Sat Aug 22, 01:28:00 PM CDT  
Blogger FNV said...

Unfortunately, abortions can be done at any state of pregnancy, right up to the date of delivery. But do you have any other explanation for why the skin of the babies in the salt abortion photos is blackened? It's because that's what a salt abortion does to a baby. Horrible, right? What a terrible way to die.

Sat Aug 22, 05:35:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FNV needs to learnt their own facts. And also what that other anymouns* person said, these aren't abortions.
Anyways, a legal abortion is threemonths and below.
IT'S STRICKLY a law. Any other way it would have been done not in the USA where that is a law.
Let the mother, have her rights.
Not the thing inside her.

Mon Mar 29, 05:56:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay so abortions are only legal up to the second trimester or so the later ones are only legal if your doctor gives you the option to do it because your baby is retarded or something like that. if your so worried about babies dieing the few who i know had an abortion did it because orphans are to many go adopt a kid if you care so much. and salt abortions aren't done alot because there is a high risk of death for the mother. jeez you people are crazy and guys are sick for posting the pictures you did, although i like them for the art that they are it is really inspiring ^.^

Fri Dec 10, 04:19:00 AM CST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey "anon", I know I am wayyyy late on this but no, these children WERE aborted. Look at the burns on her body, dumbass. Premature abbies don't just all the sudden get saline burns on them when they die. I am well educated in the stages of pregnancy and YES a 21 week fetus DOES look like that! Please do your research before you post crap like you know everything. Thanks.

Sat Apr 16, 07:49:00 AM CDT  
Blogger kiyoko said...

Lol.. Regardless...OBVIOUSLY the fetus is fully in tact ... Has brain function... And all parts WAY before four months... So REALLY your point is what? I learned that in middle school...

Fri May 31, 04:03:00 PM CDT  
Blogger kiyoko said...

Thank you for that reply.. This person sounds dumb as fuck.. Nothing you can say to these ppl can change them.. They are master bullies who love to she's blood of the most weak and vulnerable.. I hate these ppl. I pray to have my heart softened for these ppl.. But in truth I hope they burn in HELL......HELLLLL

Fri May 31, 04:10:00 PM CDT  

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